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Jóvenes Ayudando a Niñas y Niños
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In defense of education

We are a math tutoring program that was born in 2021. Our tutorships are completely free and 100% online. We seek to help combat educational gaps of children in Mexico. In 2019, the OECD estimated that 56% of students in Mexico had deficiencies in learning mathematics. In addition, we act as a platform for young students to release their social service, 'practicas profesionales' or volunteering by tutoring younger students.


To improve the quality of education received by children in public schools through collaboration between young people and the educational community.


We link young people with students in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th grade of primary school and 1st, 2nd, 3rd year of secondary school so that they can have weekly math tutoring sessions. Tutors receive training so that they feel prepared to teach the sessions.


In our first semester of activities, the tutoring sessions have shown to have a high impact on improving math performance.

How can I participate?

To have a real impact on a child's education, it is necessary for different groups to work collaboratively. In JANN, everyone has an important role to play.


Students in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th grade of primary school or 1st, 2nd, and 3rd year of secondary school or 1st year of preparatory school and their parents can register so that the children receive weekly math tutoring. They must have an internet connection and be available for 2 hours per week. They can register here.


Young people who want to be tutors, either to complete their social service or voluntarily, can provide math tutoring to groups of no more than 5 students. We take care of training them and providing them with resources so that they feel ready to give the tutorials. They can register here.


Teachers can create a profile to monitor their students' progress within the program. They can register here. They can also motivate their students and parents to enroll.

Every donation allows us to continue operating and impacting more children. Join our donor network by sending an email to alianzas@jann.mx!

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I want to be a tutor


“A very noble and effective project, I think it should remain and reach more students. Overall, a very good project to encourage young people to keep learning.”

"It is almost a personalized program.”

“The support provided to students turns out to be very favorable, in addition to being an extra motivator for the student.”

“It is required due to the family work dynamic, as children spend a lot of time alone at home.”

“I think it is a very beneficial program for those who do not have the opportunity to support their children when they need tutoring.”

“It was an excellent idea and help for the children since they were very delayed and were not learning the same, and these tutorials helped them emotionally and mentally.”

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Meet our team

We believe in the power that every human being has to make their community a slightly better place.


Salome Aguilar Llanes is a PhD student in Economics (2020-2026) at MIT. She holds a B.A. in Economics from ITAM and an M.A. in Education (IEPA) from Stanford. In 2021 he co-founded JANN.
“All girls and boys deserve equal opportunities and JANN is the result of the efforts of thousands of people to bring us closer to a more just Mexico.”

Salomé Aguilar



Bernardo García Bulle is a PhD candidate in Engineering at MIT (2019-2025). Together with Salome and Sebastian, they co-founded JANN in 2021 and many of Bernardo's efforts have been aimed at ensuring JANN's scalability through the use of technology.

Bernardo García


Sebastián Guevara

Sebastián Guevara has a degree in Political Science from ITAM and a master's degree in Public Policy in Education from Stanford University.
“This project is an example of how public policies should be implemented in Mexico. It is creative, efficient, evidence-based, measurable and cost-effective.”

Sebastián Guevara



María Fernanda Albo Alarcón holds a degree in Economics from ITAM. At JANN she is Project Manager and Data Scientist.
“The education of Mexico's children is everyone's responsibility; we must join efforts to improve it.”

Fernanda Albo



Gabriela Curiel Galicia, studied to become a bilingual executive secretary, likes to take care of the environment. She considers herself a committed and caring person who looks for opportunities to help those who need it most.
“I have witnessed how a small gesture of generosity can have a significant impact on the lives of others.”

Gabriela Curiel

Human Resources


María Maus Gutiérrez has a degree in International Relations from the Universidad Iberoamericana, with a focus on humanistic areas.
“I love knowing that my efforts have a positive impact on the education of thousands of children in our country. I am convinced that if we all do our bit we will live in a better world.”

María Maus

Institutional Relations


Brandon Abraham Moreno Verduzco, Petroleum Engineer graduated from the Faculty of Engineering of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (2014-2019), completed a Diploma in Comprehensive Security in Risk Prevention 2023, at AISOHMEX. He works in Human Resources.
“It doesn't matter where you come from, you can achieve what you set your mind to if you study a little every day, education changed my life, and I want to help young people change theirs.”

Brandon Moreno

Human Resources


Guadalupe Ramirez Vazquez has a degree in International Relations at the National Autonomous University of Mexico.
“I am excited to see how we can help many children in their education day by day and see the great effort that the tutors put in, since everything is a joint effort to make children more confident in their knowledge.”

Guadalupe Ramirez

Human Resources


Sherry Nicolle Soria Cruz studied Software and Network Engineering, is a humanitarian and animal welfare ambassador, as well as an international explorer.
“Let's build together a bright future for Mexico by fusing technology with quality education accessible to all.”

Sherry Soria


Our alliances

Ecosistema STEM
Equitech Futures
La Escuela Más Grande del Mundo


Do you want to get in touch with us?

Write us if you have any questions or comments. We will gladly respond!

Whatsapp: 56 27 00 31 01

Email: rh@jann.mx